Censorship On The Internet

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No one wants to be censored, but sometimes there has to be a limit for the greater good. What kids are able to view and read on the internet must be protected until they are old enough to handle the information that is available by the multitudes on the internet. Parents should have the right or the ability to censor the information that comes into their home. Civil libertarian groups advocate the protection of the individual's freedoms from infringement by the government. These include things like freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, and a free press (South University Online, 2016). However, when trying to maintain a vast array of information such as on the internet, government support and intervention is necessary. The internet is too large an entity to govern itself. Protecting citizens is a responsibility of the government. Therefore, regulating the internet with laws and policies to protect the children in our society, is a responsibility of the government.…show more content…
I think it is more about protecting than censoring. Parents have always wanted to protect what their kids are able to hear or see. Before the age of the internet, parents only allowed certain television programs to be viewed by their children, subsequently they would only allow their children to be in the company of people that they felt were a “good influence,” or they flipped through a book before giving it to their children. It is a parent’s duty to be sure their kids are not being exposed to information that could harm their perceptions of the world, or distort their views of their
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