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The Columbia Encyclopedia defines censorship as the "official prohibition or restriction of any type of expression believed to threaten the political, social, or moral order". It is necessarily broad definition. 'Any type of expression' in fact, covers just about everything from clothing to print to movements and even to simply being. George Bernard Shaw described assassination as an "extreme form of censorship". It is now omnipresent in society and has been as long as society has existed. If one were to consider the course of an idea (and it is essentially ideas that are being censored) as its natural evolution, censorship takes this evolutionary course and disrupts and changes it, often until it is no longer the same
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Once the deed is done, the story smothered, the act is forgotten until a violation occurs or something else offends the sensibilities of those in power. The censored ones though, do not forget. They feel the loss of a story, or not the exact loss of a story itself, but of others' access to their story. This access is all-important because a story is not unlike a parasitic alien from a bad sci-fi thriller: it needs new hosts, new minds to 'infect' which will consider it and then in turn perpetuate it by sharing it with other minds. The attempt of censorship is to 'kill' the story. I do not believe that a story can in fact be killed, but for all practical purpose, it lies dormant for untold years. I believe that once a story enters a person, they are changed by it and therefore change their world because of/ in response to that story. Every action one does is a direct result of her stories, whether or not she may want them. Even if they were forcible imposed on her, she is nevertheless a product of them. BUT censorship at its most effective impedes the spread of information and stories.

In addition, it should be noted the "official" stories and "unofficial" stories and their respective paths and rates of evolution can vary greatly. In her book Censorship, Sue Curry Hanson highlight difference; she discusses the ways in which whose who are not officially permitted to tell their story manage

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