Essay on Censorship - The Negative Consequences of Book Banning

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The Negative Consequences of Book Banning If you were to ask a teacher what they thought the most important source of knowledge was they would probably answer: reading. When I think back to every classroom I sat in at school, I remember at least one poster on the wall promoting reading. Throughout my school years, teachers have pounded into my head how important it is to read. In high school I had a list of books that I was required to read over my summer break so that I would continuously be educated. What I don’t understand is that if reading is so important to the learning process, then why ban a book? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of reading? If you ask me, all censorship does is prevent a child from learning,…show more content…
Over the summer, in preparation for my junior year of high school, we were required to read a book entitled Woman Warrior. This book was about a girl being told the ancient story of a Chinese girl fighting in the army in place of her father, risking her life to fight for something she believed in. The main focus of the book was to teach the girl to be proud of who she is and the heritage that she came from. This book talked a lot about war violence and racism (she was Chinese), but the lesson that the book taught was why the school made us read it. I very seriously doubt that a school would choose a book that was going to teach children harmful things. What I don’t understand is what book banning accomplishes. One of the great things about books is that they are pretty much left to your own imagination. Sure it is the job of the author to describe to you what is going on in the book, but not everyone sees things happening in the same way. Everyone interprets things in different ways, that is supposed to be the beauty in reading novels. Most novels are stories about the human condition and emotions that we go through in everyday life. They reflect society and the everyday struggles that we go through. I don’t know about all novels, but most of them don’t go on for pages describing love scenes in detail. The author will probably mention what is happening , but for the most part, the details are left up to the reader to fill in. So why

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