Essay on Censorship Within the United States

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Censorship Within the United States Censorship within the United States is not only an immoral and "big-brotherly" practice, but also an insult to each and every one of those who call themselves US citizens. Every day, censors attempt to sanitize TV, radio, music, print, and even the Internet. In their infinite wisdom, they deem what should and should not be viewed by John Q. Public. Censors succeed in suppressing our free spirits and restraining our thoughts in virtually every medium. We have all been given the ability to rationally think for ourselves and make our own intelligent, moral decisions. We all understand the differences between right and wrong and are freethinking, liberated people. The founders of this great,…show more content…
Censors were instituted to tell the general population what should and should not be viewed and thus began this travesty. Government organizations, such as the FCC, routinely and systematically subjugate and suppress the freedoms that we have to express ourselves as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Censors edit radio broadcasts, discriminately place “black-bars” over televised images, and even try to refine works of literature and art so that they meet "acceptable standards.” As US citizens, we should be appalled that such practices are allowed. Not only are we deprived of rights, but we are subjected to the control of others. If I choose to go home and turn on my TV to see a half-clad woman and hear frequent vulgarities, then by all means, I, as a citizen of this free country, should be allowed to do so. Who is to determine what is “degenerate” or “depraved”? What should qualify a person to become a censor? A FOX-TV broadcast of car crashes and animal attacks attracted the network its highest viewer ratings. "Shock-jock," Howard Stern has taken his Saturday night television show on CBS and in most markets quadrupled the ratings in that time slot for the 18-34 year old male demographic. It should not be the responsibility or even the job of the FCC or any other wacky Right Wing philanthropist group to tell John Q. Public what he can see, hear, and

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