Censorship and the Internet Essay

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With the bountiful amount of unrestricted information available on the internet many people believe that some of this information should be censored by the United States Government. Who's to say what should be accessible and what should not? Where does it start and stop? Does internet censorship make a nation a safer place to live? There are many countries that don’t allow the use of the internet at all and some countries only censor what they don’t want their citizens to know. Daniel Calingaert said “The internet has provided greater space for free expression in countries where traditional broadcast and print media are restricted” (64). Free expression is a very guarded privilege to United States citizens. Private citizens and…show more content…
Should these practices be censored?
There are so many educational websites that it would be impossible to name them all.

One of the resources the writing center in the library at State College refers students to is the Purdue Owl, which is an internet source. Many of the quizzes used by professors come from internet sources. The online databases used for research in order to properly write an essay with scholarly citations, again an internet resource. In an article about technology and education Moez Limayem and Christy M. K. Cheung state “Internet-based technologies create expanded opportunities for educators to provide students with better learning experiences” (91). Today’s generation would be lost without the internet, it has been a tool used to educate most students since kindergarten. Today we also have distance learning not only in college, but also in high school. Would censorship of the internet affect this type of use of the internet in any way?

Child pornography, ads for employment that are racially discriminatory, speech that is a copyright infringement and information used to create nuclear weapons, are a few examples of the types of free speech that most would agree violate the laws of the United States; however, some of these things can be found on the
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