Censorship in the United States Essay

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Censorship on Television

Censorship on television in the United States has been an issue ever since the television was invented. The public holds a variety of stances on the topic, and no matter what law is ever passed regarding censorship, it will never suit the needs of everyone. Some believe that censorship violates individual rights in the law, and others believe that censorship should be available through members in the family, not the government. On the other hand, some people strive to maintain government regulation of censorship. Television censorship is significant because it holds the future of our country. If channels continue to be censored, our rights will be violated. If not, then the future generations may change
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Children are also drawn to more mature programs in order to make them feel older and more mature by watching them, which is why the swearing and nudity need to be cut out. I support this view mainly because of an experience I had when I was about five years old. I snuck into the TV room without my parents knowing, and when I was flipping through the channels, I stopped on a channel that was showing the movie Die Hard. Just from watching a short segment of that movie, I quickly learned the “f” word and said it in class the next day. This initial view on censorship is significant because it can prevent children, who are the most influenced by TV, from practicing what they see. They will not learn these words or actions at an early age, like I did, and therefore will not get into trouble in school or teach them to other children. The downside to this stance is that it violates the right of freedom of speech.

In order to gain a better knowledge of this subject, I searched the internet to read about others sides of the issue. I typed the keywords “government censorship” and “stances” and found a number of articles. The first article that caught my eye was written about the rights to freedom of speech. I opened the article, took a few minutes to read it, and realized that censorship may not be the right answer. By censoring television, the First Amendment of the United States
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