Censorship of Literature Promotes Ignorance Essay

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Censorship of Literature Promotes Ignorance

Wouldn't it be great if there was a country that stood for freedom and a flag that represented freedom to all through the world? Freedom, now that is hard to come by these days, especially when simple freedoms such as the freedom to read is taken away. Ordinary People by Judith Guest is an example of a novel which has been censored many times. Although "censorship" or "censor" is defined by the Webster's Dictionary as "one appointed to examine books, plays, newspaper articles, etc. before publication, and ban them if containing anything objectionable," censorship is just an old tradition of those in power with the attempt to keep decency and ignorance among the people. Much of the greatest
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Yes, that may protect the stability of the country but still discourages originality and the realistic view that there is more to the world than the American way of life. No one or idea should be censored based on original ideas because that "would mark the end of the democratic process" itself (126). For as long in history that censorship has been around, it is a shame that America itself has sunk into that spell.

Censorship has been continuing far before the turn of this millennium. Even before the birth of Christ, censorship has been building a solid foundation in Earth's history. Over two thousand years ago in 387 B.C., a man called Plato made an attempt to ban Homer's The Odyssey (Schuldt 1). This just shows the striking similarity between censorship then and now. People were able to ban a book just because they objected to its contents. Even the Bible was banned from people throughout the world causing certain countries such as Russia only to allow anti-religious books (1). How can a book as respected and followed as the Bible be banned from human eyes? The arguments against the Bible were that it was found "lewd, indecent, and violent...obscene and pornographic," and that there are "over three hundred examples of obscenities in the Bible" (1). The Bible keeps the faith of many individuals throughout the world making its banning seem like an impossible task but it has been done many times.