Censorship of Media

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Surprises of Censorship In today’s world of technology and high finance children learn and do different activities. Video games, television shows, and the internet all have effect on our society. These items take away from moral values, and it also undermines the instruction parents give to their children. We need a healthier world with fewer restrictions, and if negative commodities are prohibiting children from recreational play parents should be the regulators in what content their children intake. Concepts of censorship have derived from the Roman practice in which two, government appointed, officials would conduct a census, supervise the manners, and the morals of the roman citizens (source 1). Censorship has…show more content…
The violence is no less than propaganda for parents to encourage the censoring of violent games. Although the gaming industry has grown into a multi million dollar franchise, it preys on the youth of society to purchase and participate in violence. Computer and video games have become very popular among children and teens. The age group varies between seven years of age to sixteen years of age. With that knowledge parents need to partake in purchases made. Doctors detect threats in frequent gamers with affects such as eye strains, aches of the wrist, neck and back. Specialists have also confirmed that to much time playing games can cause bad posture and other disequilibrium in their daily routine. Video games also lead into things such as child obesity which can lead into diabetes in adulthood. Spending many hours in front of the computer and rather than socializing cause social problems which could result them in becoming shy and introvert. Apart from that the games developed currently happen to be a lot more controversial, proving that gamers actually have a tendency to lose control and become more aggressive. A controversial research project has proven that excessive playing of games can actually stunt the growth of a human brain. Brain mapping experts measure the level of brain activity in teenagers playing a Nintendo games and compared it with those who played other arithmetic games stimulated brain activity in both the left and

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