Essay about Censorship of the 1950's and its Impacts in America

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One hears about censorship of free word happening all the time in other countries, but did it ever happen in the United States of America? Not many people know that restriction of free speech and personal expression did in fact occur in America, mainly during the 1950s. During this tumultuous time, newfound fears of threatening outside influences, mainly political in nature, had set in and as a result the government tried to protect the American public from these “radical” ideas through the use of censorship, or a restriction in the flow of information or ideas. Working feverishly to control what they deemed inappropriate, they launched multiple programs to combat these influences. Unfortunately, the government’s reasonably good intentions …show more content…
No one realized at first that McCarthy accused many on baseless charges, as they were too scared to see straight. As a response to this “Red” (Communist) Scare, the United States House of Representatives commenced the House un-American Activities Committee. As Grolier Online stated, “Under the chairmanship of Texas Democratic representative Martin Dies, Jr., it investigated fascist, Communist, and other so-called extremist or subversive political organizations” (“Grolier Online”). In other words, the HUAC attempted to censor Communist, Nazi, and other “left-wing” parties and prevent them from poisoning the minds of the American public. They viciously attacked such Nazi-supporting parties as the German-American Bund and the Silver Shirt Legion (“Grolier Online”), calling them out publicly and trying to get them shut down or obliterated. The HUAC also tried to investigate the Communist Party’s “infiltration of the government,” supposedly to keep the people safe and promote democracy and capitalism in America (“Grolier Online”). However, things did not go as planned for the HUAC. Over time, its arguably good intentions became skewed and a desire to improve America turned into a horribly misguided witch-hunt, influenced by Communism fear, that ruined the lives and careers of many. Law-abiding citizens were accused of Communism on ridiculous charges, and citizens were promptly sent to prison. Due to this, the HUAC began to change in

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