Center For Applied Linguistics : What Is An Assessment Portfolio? Essay

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Center for Applied Linguistics What is an assessment portfolio? An assessment portfolio is a compilation of a student 's authentic work over a particular period. The assessment portfolio allows for identifying growth in a concise package. The collection of work includes grading guidelines, the rational for the evaluations chosen, and allow for self-awareness. What are the advantages of assessment portfolio systems for ELLs? The portfolio of assessment allows students to guide their personal, academic goals by composing academic evidence of their abilities. A portfolio allows a visual understanding of accomplishments each ELL student has achieved. It allows for an open grading scale. The collection of work allows students to have the input of the academic success.The ideology of the collection of work encompasses positive attributes that allow students another positive interaction throughout their academic day. What are the challenges of assessment portfolios? Portfolios of any type require an extensive amount of time and organization, especially depending on classroom size. There may be limitations to the value of an assessment portfolio. A factor of these constraints may include the view of bias (positive or negative) from the educator perception of the child 's growth and potential. The fact that materials listed in the documentation are not based on standardized testing models lack credibility for some school districts. I have questions dealing with class
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