Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: An Overview

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Overview/Authority The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a United States governmental agency under the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services. It is located in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia and acts to protect the overall public health and safety of the United States by not only providing information to laypersons and professionals, but through partnering with state and local health departments. The CDC was formed in 1943 as part of the World War II Office of National Defense and Malarial Control, and has grown to include prevention and education regarding diseases and pathogens that are more global in scope, but affect U.S. citizens (CDC, 2012). Information Given- The CDC website,, is published in English and Spanish. Nationally, it focuses on helping to prevent and control infectious diseases, food pathogens, environmental health, occupational safety, health promotion, injury prevention and a host of educational materials designed for all levels of need. Objectivity- Information given from the CDC is well vetted, containing materials designed for younger children, students of all ages, lay persons, medical professionals, and the scholarly/scientific community. Topics are archived, and the site is updated regularly with timely stories that focus on the season (flu shots, diabetes and heat, etc.), or issues that have national attention (Painkiller overdoses, traveler's health). Navigation The site is well designed with links

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