Centra Software Case Essay

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Case: _Centra Software Name(s):Alyssa Altman & Ashley Hayes Section: ______ Be sure to hand in the complete template, including grading sheets. Fiel d Sa les 2. Les ser ’s S trateg y 1. Ree d ’s Strat egy 5 & 6. Alternatives and analysis (typically 3-5 alternatives) 3. E limi nate 1. Strengths -Leon Navickas who is the founder of Centra had worked as general manager of Advanced Research and Development on the Lotus Notes groupware, which shows he has knowledge of the industry. (pg 4) -Revenues have increased from $8.6 million in 1999 to $23 million in 2000. -The three different products that are offered appeal to many if not all of the needs of the stated target market. -Able to reduce the installation process from 5 days to 2…show more content…
Implementation/Loose ends -Meet with the the top management to discuss what the decision for the strategy is. -Create a strategy to handle the complaints of the employees. -Monthly check the income statement to make sure that the revenues and the net income are increasing at a rate that will make the company become profitable within the next couple of years. U.S. Field Sales verses Telesales Productivity in Quarter 4 of 2000 #of employees*commission Number Of Employees Quarterly Salary and Comission per Employees Total #of employees*commission Fields Sales Telesales 25 2 (Qtr$46,250.00 commission *4) $24,000.00 $1,156,250.00 $48,000.00 Number Of Employees Yearly Salary and Commissioner employee Total #of employees*sales revenue Fields Sales Telesales 25 2 $185,000.00 $96,000.00 $4,625,000.00 $192,000.00 #of employees*sales revenue Fields Sales Telesales Fields Sales Telesales (Qtr revenue*4) Number of Deals Quarterly Sales Revenue ($'000) Total ($'000) 43 36 $5,440.00 $463.00 $233,920.00 $16,668.00 Number of Deals Yearly Sales Revenue ($'000) Total 43 36 $5,440.00 $5,440.00 $233,920.00 $195,840.00 Fields Sales Telesales Revenues Per Rep $870,400.00 $926,000.00 Revenue Per Rep - Annual Sales Revenue / Current # of Employees Revenue Per Deal -Annual Sales Revenue / Annual # of Deals Deal Per Rep -Annual # of Deal / Current # of Employees Fields Sales Telesales Revenue per Deal $126,511.63 $12,861.11 Fields Sales
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