Central Asia Mental Health

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Since the article is mostly about United States and the western world, the situation might be completely different in Central Asia. There are several similarities and differences, I found between the author points and what I personally notice in Central Asia. Firstly, since in Central Asian, bride kidnapping and arranged marriages are well practiced, it is hard to decide on whether the mental health of an adult plays any role. According to a study by American University of Central Asia in 2004, about 63 percent of married women and girls aged 16 to 25 had been kidnapped without their agreement, although if we take into account all aging groups the result shows that 80 percent of marriages in Kyrgyzstan villages are result of kidnapping. Therefore,…show more content…
Often girls are forced to get married in early age because the family is not able to support the child and thinks the marriage would positively influence their economic resources. Since, the parents are economically disadvantaged as well as less educated and the young married adults are have no educational aspirations, the mental health is unlikely to be good. This issue also leads to high rate of suicide among married women in Tajikistan. There were many cases of young women drowning herself in river with her children. In other world, the socioeconomic resources have negative effect on the mental health of the young early married adults. Another reason, why we cannot compare the article with our society is that, our societies have different understanding of role of women and wife. I believe, women in Central Asia are more vulnerable to have low mental health during marriage, because the proportion of men who believes women should stay at home is still high. Moreover, cohabitation before marriage is not acceptable in Central Asia. In comparison to developed countries, we do not have any policies supporting
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