Central Characters In The Love In John Williams, By John Swanson

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1.) The 2 of the central characters in the novel are Ted and Miranda. They have been married for 3 years and relationship began when they met at a party. She introduced herself to him and they got married a year later. Ted has realized his wife is cheating on him with their building contractor. She is using him for his wealth. Before their marriage was going great but now Ted is having an affair with a girl named Lily he met at an airport, who is also a major character of the novel as she is going to help Ted murder his wife.

2.) One healthy aspect of Miranda and Ted’s relationship is that they tend to get along quite well and never argued. Ted mentions this when is talking to Lily about his relationship with Miranda before he caught her cheating and he says, “Our relationship was perfect, we never argued” (Swanson 18). The second health aspect in their relationship was that they trusted each other at one point. Ted says, “Her answer was such a shock...” when she lied about being with Brad (Swanson 46). He trusted her and she lied straight to his face. The third healthy aspect is that Ted loved Miranda for her and her beauty didn't matter. “Her beauty didn’t mean a thing. Yea, she was pretty but I liked her for her.” says Brad when he is thinking of when he first met Miranda (Swanson 89).

3.) One unhealthy aspect of their relationship is that Miranda is cheating on Ted with a man named Brad Dugget. Ted knows this because while he was outside, “[he] saw her kiss him through
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