Central Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies is a dark novel that expresses no hope for humanity. Golding does this by creating an allegory of the human mind is at war with itselfs. William Golding express this by using a group of schoolboys stranded on a desert island with no adults to tell them what to do or no knowledge of survival and left to fend for themselves. They later merge to form a civilized society and the unexpected happens within the group of boys. They later fall victim to Savagery because of their fear and power. The Central conflict throughout Lord of The Flies is to express the struggles between human beings. William Golding expresses this throughout Lord of The Flies by using the group of young boys and their realization of no adults. William…show more content…
The conch was set in place as a symbol of authority the boys recognized and respected it as a part of Ralph and his platform in leadership. William Golding uses all of these factors to relate to the rational strategy and control in which the boys try to control their society. Ralph with Piggy as advisor lays out logical steps in which needs to be taken in order for the good of survival “Piggy stood holding out the talismans, the fragile, showing beauty of the shell implies the perfection of the shell” (PG 180 William Golding). Here, Golding implies the perfection of the dream which Ralph and Piggy have been clinging onto but also the impossibility of its success. The word “fragile”implies to the reader that despite its “ beauty” the savagery of mankind will inevitably overrule their desire for order. This symbol of the Conch comes to represent the wanting of civilisation between the boys. Piggy himself represents Civilisation because he is always trying to watch over the boys, but the Conch comes to represent law and order as the boys try to withhold a civilized society. The boys savage instincts leads them past their intelligence causing them to ignore Piggy. When Piggy offers them a great amount of ideals for survival and Civilisation. They see, Piggy as a whining baby but when Piggy dies, “ The Conch exploded into thousand white fragments and ceased to exist ”(Pg 181 WIlliam Golding). This clearly shows that when Piggy dies, law and order dies with him. Additionally, the Conch’s thousands of tiny fragments come to shows how fragile and vulnerable rules are in the face of Evil, Golding tries to seem to explain, but the Conch therefore represents all that is good and its powerlessness to oppose that which is not. Throughout the length of the novel, Ralph always comes back to his dominant point of the signal fire. He explains that the fire is the most important
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