Central Intelligence Agency And The Cold War

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The Central Intelligence Agency and the Cold War
Two trillion dollars was the amount spent by the United States on the war with the Soviet Union, which never seen the battlefield. Over four decades of US presidencies were committed to containing communism within the Soviet Union, and existing establishments, driving US foreign policy decisions across the globe. Armed forces, government officials, and US presidents, may have been unable to contain communism on their own. In 1947, the first year of the Cold War, President Harry Truman proposed a six-pronged defense strategy which included the National Security Act of 1947, giving birth to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Roark, et al. 789). The consensus of the Cold War was driven by
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Within that same year, Guatemala was being run by elected reformist Jacobo Arbenz, whom was accepting support from a local Communist Party. Consequently, the CIA helped support an opposition party who overthrew Arbenz and installed a dictatorship (Roark, et al. 818). Several years later, in 1959, the Cuban Revolution, led by Fidel Castro, caught the attention of the US government. When Castro asked the US for support, it was denied, and in result Castro turned to the Soviet Union. Eisenhower responded to this by prompting the CIA to begin training Cuban exiles for invasion. Additionally, in Iran, the CIA helped rid of an elected government to support a dictatorship that would allow the US access to oil, this is the first piece of evidence showing the CIA was in coordination to capitalist interests and there was a link between the CIA and oil industry. Eisenhower authorized a coup which put Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlaui back in government over Mohammad Mossadegh. Also in the Middle East, Eisenhower continued Truman’s friendship with Israel, but also attempted to build relationships with Arab nations to secure their oil. These foreign decisions began to form a pattern of protecting US capitalist interests in countries that weren’t an immediate threat to the US and installing governments solely for the benefit to the US, and not the citizens within those countries.
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