Central Precinct Of The Clark County Sheriff 's Office

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So there I was, sitting in the parking lot of the Central Precinct of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. It was about 1745 in the evening when I knocked on the side entrance of the precinct to begin my ride-along. I was a little apprehensive about both meeting all of the deputies and the ride-along itself. As I ascended the steps into their briefing room, I remember thinking about how ironic it was that I was a little nervous considering I have been to Iraq and been in convoys and helped with security checkpoints. It didn’t take long before my nervousness and apprehensive mental state fled. Their group solidarity was pretty evident with a few short minutes of meeting them. It felt like home, like what I was a part of when I was still an …show more content…

Apparently, he not only was observed conducting pat downs or frisking suspects without the use of protective gloves, but he also put the contents of a suspects pocket into his own pocket. The night shift sergeant explained to him that while he understood he reason or excuse for doing so, that it is not how things are done and explained the possible legal repercussion of doing such things. The rookie was not berated or belittled as I would expect from a quasi-militaristic organization, but rather he was simply corrected and it was explained to him what he did wrong and why it was a big deal as well as what he will do in the future to avoids making that same mistakes. It was in this exchange between the officers that I got that there was a strong sense of group solidarity between the veteran deputies and even the two rookie deputies. The way in which the officers interacted with each other was far different then the “all business” attitude that I had expected to see; their interaction was in reality more brotherly and informal. After the interaction between the rookie deputy and the night shift sergeant, a case was discussed in which I got to observe the two rookie deputies reaction that highlighted a topic in our class readings known as “reality shock,” or basically when a rookie officer experiences the unpleasant aspects of dealing with the public, the department in which he works, and in this

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