Central Primary Serves Pre K Through 5th Grade Students Essay

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Community: Prairieville Primary is located in Ascension Parish on Parker Road in Prairieville, Louisiana. Prairieville has a population of 26,895 individuals. English is the most predominate language that is spoken. Of the 26,895 82% or 22,174 are Caucasian and 12% or 3,315 are African American. The remaining population is broken into the races of Hispanic, Asian, and others. School: Prairieville Primary is a place where students are, “Learners today, leaders tomorrow; and the future begins here.” Prairieville primary serves Pre-K through 5th grade students. As of August 8, 2016 Prairieville primary serves approximately 940 students. Of the 940 students, 483 are boys and 457 are girls. English is the predominate language spoken at Prairieville Primary being 919 of the students are proficient in English and only 21 have limited English proficiency. Of the 940 students 694 are Caucasian, 178 are African American, 42 are Hispanic, and the rest of the students are broken into the other races. The students of Prairieville Primary have the chance to participate in varied extra-curricular activities once they get in 4th grade. Some of these activities are, 4H and American Girl’s club. Once students reach 5th grade, students have the chance to be invited to the Alpha club based on their grades. Classroom 1: Self- Contained (My ELA classroom) The setting of this classroom is very open and welcoming. The environment for learning is very positive and encouraging. The walls

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