Central Problems Of The Articles Of Confederation Essay

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2. What were the central problems of the Articles of Confederation? How did the delegates to the Philadelphia Convention address them? Finally, how did the delegates resolve the three contentious political issues: the representation of large and small states, slavery, and state sovereignty? The Patriots desired to have a central government with limited powers. The Articles of Confederation, a written document defining the structure of the government from 1781 to 1788, only had powers to declare war, make treaties, borrow and print money; however, it lacked the power to tax either the states or the people. The government continued to print money which caused inflation. They also owed the French for the financial backing of the war. Congress lacked the power to draft troops, which left the US weak and vulnerable to potential attack. Also, Congress lacked the power to place tariffs on foreign goods, which economically hurt American business because they could not compete with British good that were sold at a cheaper rate. In May 1787, fifty-five educated and propertied delegates from every state except Rhode Island attended the Philadelphia Convention. Important leaders were absent, so young nationalist were able to set the program for this event. Declaring that the convention would “decide for ever the fate of Republican Government,” James Madison insisted on increased national authority. Alexander Hamilton of New York likewise demanded a strong central government to

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