Central Venous Access Devices : An Investigation Of Oncology Nurses

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Research Critique Michael Creech Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Bibliographical Entry Mason, T. M., Ferrall, S. M., Boyington, A. R., & Reich, R. R. (2014, August). Central Venous Access Devices: An Investigation of Oncology Nurses ' Troubleshooting Techniques. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 18(4), 421-425 Problem The problem is that most nurses have their own ways of clearing occluded access devices but not all of these ways are effective and there are no specific systemic guides to one proper way of clearing these devices. Comments: The article’s title suggests there is a problem by including the word “Troubleshooting”. Midway through the article, there is information relating directly to the problem of ineffective…show more content…
By educating nurses of the most effective methods used to identify the cause of a blocked CVAD and the effective methods used to clear occluded CVADs, nurses can diminish valuable time spent using ineffective techniques or skills and in turn possibly make a positive difference in the health care setting. Comments: The objective of this article were clearly stated in words and also shown to readers by including charts with the information displayed regarding the objectives of this study. Review of Literature The authors used quite an extensive list of references, ranging in time frame from the years 1982-2014, which were used appropriately throughout the article and were aimed to give readers evidence on the background and complications of Central Venous Access Devices. The authors followed APA guidelines and used credible resources. Procedure The procedure used in this study involves a questionnaire called Central Venous Access Devices: Troubleshooting Techniques Questionnaire that includes practice related techniques. Nurses who met the certain criteria stated were asked to participate in this survey and then submit it back. Comments: The procedure is clearly known to the reader through careful and detailed explanation of each portion of the procedure used. It explains the criteria of nurses used in the survey and why
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