Centura Health Implementation Strategy Plan

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Centura Health Implementation Strategy Centura Health is their region’s largest hospital system that is faith based and not-for-profit, located in Colorado and Western Kansas. This system includes 15 hospitals plus more affiliated hospitals, over 100 physician practices, senior living communities, Flight for Life, Centura Health at Home, and laboratory services (Centura, 2014). The power, size, and large scale of this system causes it to be a god system to analyze during states of change. Currently, there are a lot of changes that are occurring throughout the healthcare system due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act that was signed into law by President Barak Obama. This act has called for a change to increase accessibility to healthcare, reduce the costs that are associated with healthcare, reduce the amount of duplication, and reduce the amount or errors (Herrington, 2010). Centura has created a strategic plan to address these changes and many other changes. Centura Health’s strategic plan is known as the Centura Health 2020 strategic plan. This strategic plan outlines long and short term goals. These goals, as well as previous goal, will be analyzed to understand how they plan on creating the need for change to ensure the successful implementation, as well as, understanding their historical approach to strategic change. Many organizations will look at past successes and failures to understand what went right and wrong to recreate, or avoid, those successes
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