Century Furniture Business Plan

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MBA Practicum Presentation
Century Furniture

William Ward
Introduction to the products of Century
“Infinite Possibilities. Unlimited Attention.”
Upper-end residential furniture
Woodworking and Upholstery collections.
Furniture for:
Living Rooms
Dining Rooms
Introduction to Century Furniture
Headquarters in Hickory, NC and established in 1947.
Manufacturing company.
Recently acquired Hancock & Moore through an acquisition last October.
Has more than 1,200 employees
8 worksites (Hickory, Taylorsville, Bethlehem, and High Point)
Average age ~55

What are the Issues?
The following issues are endemic to rural communities and among the workforce of manufacturing industries.
Four health issues Century is combating:
Physical Activity
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12-14 complete binders to give out to committee volunteers.
A cover letter for the application and an advertisement bulletin to be placed around worksites for recruitment purposes

Committee Logos
Additional Logos
Additional Learning Opportunities
These were some additional opportunities I was able to engage and learn in:
Participated in a HIPPA meeting (SO MANY RULES?!).
Listened and learned from a presentation the Behavior Health Service (BHS) providers offered.
Toured worksites and spoke with employees
Was constantly engaged with and received positive critical feedback from supervisors (Amy and Bob)

With all the rules and regulations HR has; it’s a miracle most companies are not bankrupt…
Doing research and then creating a health and wellness program from the bottom-up based on MY research was immensely rewarding.
Leaving a positive impact on a company that allowed me flexibility and creativity in my product is all I can ask for…

How did the MBA prepare me
The HR concentration really helped me grasp onto confidentiality and privacy laws beforehand.
Professionalism and Professional Dress speaks
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