Ceo Of General Electric ( Ge )

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Introduction Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric (GE) from 1981 to 2001 where he increased the value of that organization by 4,000%. During his reign as CEO, he realized that industry was entering a period of constant change and acceptance and acceleration of change would make the difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses (Von Der Linn, 2009). He commissioned a study to create a toolkit that would accelerate change based on research and best practices throughout the world (Von Der Linn, 2009). The result was the GE Change Acceleration Program. The program was developed in early 1990’s and many changes have occurred in the business world that may result in CAP being outdated. Comparing the GE CAP program to a modern model of change management by Spector (2012) will reveal if the GE program is still viable and useful. GE Change Acceleration Process Jack Welch joined General Electric in 1971 where he created a new organization based on increased efficiency and less bureaucracy increasing the value of the organization during his term 4,000% (Bloom, 2013). His leadership led to the creation of GE Workout that consisted of a system of meetings or steps, a problem can be solved and decisions made rapidly, eliminating bureaucracy (Bloom, 2013). The five steps included Step 1: Problem identification, Step 2: Team development, Step 3: Town meeting, Step 4: Upper management decision, and Step 5: Sponsorship. As shown in Figure 1, Work-out was the
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