Cerberus Personal Narrative

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Cerberus If there’s some sort of natural instinct that makes you unfazed by the supernatural, I must have born without it. In hindsight, something like that would really come in handy when you’re dealing with monsters on the daily basis. And, naturally, that was a burden I was placed with. Maybe I should mention that my dad is an elf, which meant I got a fair share of magical abilities from his side of the family. While it might sound like something super rare, I’ve come to learn that it isn’t. After I found out the whole deal about my dad being from a parallel universe full of monsters, I doubted that him being an elf was the weirdest thing about the whole situation. I can’t really bring myself to gloat about it when all of this was thrown…show more content…
How did you even get in here?” I asked. “I picked your lock,” he shrugged. “Excuse me?” Daniel waved me off. “Let me make this simple for you. Take a look at me and tell me what’s different than usual,” he said. As usual, he was dressed in punk looking clothes—tattered black jeans, a shirt for some 1930’s horror movie, and his signature fingerless leather gloves. His curly hair was unkempt like he just rolled out of bed. He levitated a couple inches above the ground, which didn’t come as a shock considering Daniel has been dead since 1942. Still, something was off. “Where’s Karkinos?” I asked. Karkinos was the nickname Daniel gave to the amulet that he always wore. I didn’t know much about magic outside of elemental magic, but I knew that Karkinos was the product of necromancy that allowed Daniel to walk among the living as long as he pleased. Overall, that was a pretty good deal. I would know how over-rated dying is. I did it once. Daniel tried not to look nauseous. “You see, that’s the problem. Cerberus has this problem of stealing my stuff and burying it around the Villas. He thinks of it as this fun little game. He leads me to where the stuff if buried, and it’s always been
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