Cereal Aisle Analysis

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Cereal Aisle Analysis Assignment 1 Richelle Gibson Charla Session-Reed MKT305 Consumer Behavior 03FEB2012 Identify the store and the day and time you made your observation. In order for me to observe consumer behaviors, I went to my local grocery store Giant. Giant is a popular chain grocery store in my area and where I do all my grocery shopping. The two aisles I choose was the: Cereal Aisle and bread Aisle in order to see how consumer behavior varies for different products. In addition, realizing that consumers may behave differently depending on time of the day it is, I visited the store twice, once in the middle of week (around 2pm when there are not many shoppers there) and (around 5-6pm when the store is usually packed)…show more content…
This can be addressed with at least two (2) specific consumer examples or by combining all the consumers you observed. To analyze how the consumers make purchasing decisions, we need to know the value systems of the consumers. Customer value is the satisfaction a consumer feels after making a purchase for goods or services relative to what she must give up to receive them. A consumer doesn't consider value just in terms of money spent, but can also consider the time it takes to obtain a purchased product and interactions with customer service personnel. Experiential/hedonic Experiential/hedonic value is concerned with the extent to which a product creates appropriate experiences, feelings, and emotions for the consumer. Oftentimes consumers are loyal to certain brands as they are guaranteed to create the experience the consumers are looking for. That explains why Consumer C just grabbed the box she wants without spending the time looking at other cereals in the aisle. Consumer B’s purchasing decision is driven by the emotion value. As the mother saw how content her kid was when she picked the box of cereal, she was happy to see her child happy about getting something he liked. Therefore, she purchased the product not only to make her kid happy but also to make herself feel good about being a good mother and making her child happy. Cost/sacrifice value Consumers also try to minimize the costs and other sacrifices that may be involved in the purchase, ownership, and
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