Cerebral Air Embolism Following Pigtail Catheter Insertion

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Cerebral air embolism following pigtail catheter insertion

Pleural pigtail catheter placement associated with many complications including pneumothorax, hemorrhage, and chest pain. Air embolism can rarely be a complication of pigtail catheter insertion and has a high risk of occurrence with positive pressure ventilation (PPV).
Cerebral air embolism is a very rare complication but lethal. We report a case of patient of cerebral air embolism as a complication of placement of pigtail pleural catheter placement while a patient on (PPV).

Case presentation:
A 50 years old male who has bilateral pneumonia, was found to have pneumothorax while on mechanical ventilation CPAP/PS mode. While placing the pigtail catheter, the patient developed a sudden left sided body weakness and became unresponsive. An air embolism was identified in the right main cerebral artery, which was fatal.

Puncture the lung parenchyma during the insertion of the chest tube can result in a gas bubble entering the pulmonary venous system as the needle puncturing the pulmonary vein while making a connection between the atmosphere or air space (pneumothorax) and the pulmonary vein. The patient who is on positive mechanical ventilation has increased risk of having air embolism and it increases the pressure inside the air space over the pulmonary vein pressure facilitating the gas bubble to enter the venous system from a nearby airway or atmosphere

Cerebral air embolism is…
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