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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition that affects thousands of people each year. An estimated 764,000 children and adults are afflicted with one or more symptoms of CP. Around 8,000 infants and babies are diagnosed each year and 1,200-1,500 preschool age children are recognized with symptoms of CP ( This condition is caused by “abnormal development of areas of the brain that control movement and posture” ( It can also be caused by damage to the brain (usually because of head injury during the birthing process) or diseases/infections the mother has during pregnancy such as German measles, rubella, bacterial meningitis, or viral encephalitis. Other risk factors may be the loss of too much oxygen during birth…show more content…
It can be quite difficult for the patient to use the muscles needed for speech; this is called dysarthria ( A lesser-known type of CP that affects 5-10% of patients is called ataxic CP ( This form affects the patients’ sense of balance leaving them with poor coordination. It is difficult for them to move quickly or make specific movements. Writing and buttoning their own shirt can be a difficult task for people with ataxic CP. A tremor in the body part they are attempting to use can be present as well. CP can also be present as a mixed form. This means the patient can have a combination of each of the previous forms. There are many challenges that come with being diagnosed with any type of cerebral palsy. Children with CP may have a problem controlling the muscles in their mouth. Things we take for granted such as eating and talking can be very difficult for children with CP. They may need assistance eating and may use other forms of communication. Problems with breathing can also affect the child’s ability to speak. Some children with CP also have seizures or convulsions. This can be a result of abnormal brain activity. These seizures can completely interrupt their activity. They can stare off in space or lose complete control of their body. Medication is prescribed to those that need it. Children with

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