Cerebrovascular Stroke Case Study

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The scenario presented for this assignment involves a 50-year-old patient calling the clinic who has visited two days prior. The client is frantic and unable to form a coherent sentence except what sounds to be the word “help”. The physician looks up the patient’s medical history and sees that they were in the clinic complaining of severe and frequent headaches. What should the medical professional do and why? What are the consequences of inaction?
In the situation presented above, the patient displays the symptoms of a cerebrovascular accident, commonly referred to as a stroke. The location of the impaired brain vessel categorizes the different types of strokes – cerebral artery ruptures occur when a weakened artery in the cerebrum suffers from hemorrhaging causing blood to flood the surrounding tissue. Occlusion may result when an embolus or thrombus becomes obstructed and blood flow is impeded. Another symptom of a stroke is sudden, intense headaches caused by a ruptured brain vessel. The surrounding tissue suffers from a lack of oxygen and can suffer from permanent damage. This symptom is also recognizable from the patient’s phone call to the medical facility. Other symptoms of cerebrovascular accidents include disorientation, vertigo, diplopia, partial paralysis, loss of
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Corticosteroids and diuretics can also be taken to reduce swelling if cerebral edema is present; hyperbaric oxygen can also be beneficial as it increases the quantity of oxygen in the brain. The patient needs to be transported to the nearest hospital immediately to minimize the risk of long-term effects that become prevalent after a stroke. Rehabilitation including physical, occupational, and speech therapies are provided to aid in long-term recovery for the affected
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