Cerego Lab Report

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Throughout the semester, we carried out a variety of chemical experiments, which included a computer practical, prelab preparation, laboratory reports there were workshops and Cerego an online assignment resource. The combination of these formed our Portfolio assessment.
The theory behind Organic Chemistry, I found to be very difficult to conceptualise due to the fact that molecules are so small we don’t see them with the human eye. Therefore, it is impossible to how bonds are broken, new bonds are formed, their size or their configuration. Consequently, I found the computer practical class helpful in showing us the different molecule structures and how they work together, bend and attach to each other to form the larger functional groups. Furthermore, seeing how sigma and pie bonds structure of the molecule will determine how or if the molecule is able to bend and
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Over the semester I continued using Cerego to reach the recommended levels and it was not until towards the end of semester that I notice I much it had helped in my learning. In addition to having Cerego I think I would have found extra reading resources beneficial, not having a strong chemistry background, this could have allowed me a better understanding of the fundamental concepts of the unit.
The workshops questions would have helped my learning a lot better it they had of been put up at least a week before the workshop. It was expected that we had attempted these questions before attending the workshop but due to only getting them the morning of the workshop this was mostly impossible because not only do I have other units work to get completed, I also have a Family and work commitments. Svetlana and Tenille were very good in the workshops and went over things many times they walk me through step by step again and again until I understood.
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