Ceremony by Silko

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In Ceremony, Leslie Silko ties the concept of transitions into the book. Transitions are used to describe and show the change that Tayo is going through during the whole book, or his ceremony. They show Tayo’s progress in his ceremony and also show his change of thinking. Silko mentions transitions when she wrote, “[Tayo] had only seen and heard the world as it always was: no boundaries, only transitions through all distances and time” (229). This shows that Tayo’s world revolves around transitions. They can happen anywhere, at any time. Silko also mentions the concept of transitions in the book when Betonie tells Tayo that “it is a matter of transitions. You see; the changing, the becoming must be cared for closely” (120). This…show more content…
At this moment, Tayo comes to his senses about friendship. He already knew Emo wasn’t a good friend from his past experiences, but when Harley and Leroy betray Tayo, Tayo transitioned his views on friendship. At first, Tayo thinks that “without friends he didn’t have a chance of completing the ceremony” (224). After Tayo is betrayed, he realizes that the ceremony is about himself. Before they betray him, Tayo hears the “vibrations of a vehicle approaching from behind” (221). He sees that Harley and Leroy are in it and gets excited. They greet him kindly. It is not until Tayo is left in the back of a truck alone in the heat that he realizes that they both have betrayed him and that “they were not his friends but had turned against him, and the knowledge left him hollow and dry inside, like the locust’s shell” (225). This moment affects Tayo as it brings him closer to himself. It also brings him closer to the ceremony and strives for completion of it. Task 3: Characters • Grandma o Grandma impacts Tayo’s life and ceremony because she first introduces him Ku’oosh, the medicine man. Even though Ku’oosh isn’t too successful in Tayo’s healing, this experience led Tayo to see Betonie later on who did cure Tayo. Grandma introduced Tayo to the concept of medicine men which helped Tayo complete his ceremony throughout the book. The passage on page 31 shows how much Grandma believes that Ku’oosh the
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