Ceresopt Evaluation

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Individual assignment 2016 Managing IT Projects/ ITM8X05 Individual assignment 2016 Managing IT Projects/ ITM8X05 Suhail Bhana/201329489 Suhail Bhana/201329489 Table of Contents Question 1 2 Step 1: Identify the Facts 2 Step 2: Key Issue Identification 3 Step 3: Alternative Courses of Action 3 Step 4: Evaluate Alternatives 3 Step 5: Select Best Solution 4 Question 2 4 Initial Contract 4 Contract Re-Opening Evaluation 5 Conclusion 5 Question 3 6 Roles and Responsibilities 6 Type of Structure 7 Accountability 7 Project Ownership 7 Controls, Measurement and Monitoring 7 Business Strategy Alignment 8 Independent Scrutiny of Projects 8 Conclusion 8 Question 4 9 References 10…show more content…
* Development began in late 2002 and was to be completed in 12 months’ time. * $3.6 Million was allocated to the project. * Mortgage Management Systems were not CeresOpt’s main area of expertise and they lacked experience in the particular area. * The project team was organised with a mixture of managers from NAFC, along with a project monitoring team, with Jean-Pierre Maltais being responsible for the budget and schedule. * The MLM project took a bad turn from the beginning * Rework of errors accounted for 20-30% of development time due to development errors. * Meeting the scheduled delivery date for block 1 looked highly unlikely in December 2002. * Serious communication problems were identified by Maltais * The project development schedule had to be revised numerous times from an initial estimate of 5500 working person days. * CeresOpt requested the closed contract be reopened to allocate an additional 5000 working person days for the project, and the request was denied. * Maltais highlighted a loss of control as a reason for the schedule revision and problems. * CeresOpt had its own project leader and the manager of NAFC-BP had no control over the technical team working on the project. * CeresOpt blamed errors and delays on the functional team. * A number of unexpected incidents occurred which
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