Cereus Blooms At Night Analysis

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In Cereus Blooms at Night, Mala’s relationship with language, time, space, and species is explained through a narrative form that creates a literary strategy that represents trauma though the idea that death feeds life. This specific narrative form began in a series of passages that surround the moment when Mala relived a traumatic experience. In these passages, Mootoo’s diction changed in order to reveals this new narrative form. Mootoo began to switch from describing Mala as an individual to describing her in relation to nature. She began to stress her relationship with language, time, space, and various species. Mootoo initiated this change by stating that Mala had disconnected from a life style that would be deemed as socially acceptable.…show more content…
Mala’s relationship with time was far from what was considered the norm. Typically, time is thought of as a guideline. For example, you sleep for a certain amount of time, then you wake up at a certain time, go to school or work at a certain time, etc. However, for Mala, time was another factor of nature. Time corresponded with the sun. It was not a guideline, but it was a result of the sun. Mootoo stated that, “At ten o’clock in the morning Mala knew the sun would catch on a jagged edge of the back porch roof where the iron was torn” (page 132). She did not feel obligated to do something at a specific time as most people do, but it was just an indicator that all was normal. However, during the morning she relived her traumatic experience, time played a large role in the idea that death feeds life. Mootoo wrote that “time would collapse” (page 132). Through Mootoo’s narrative form, it can be found that part of Mala was collapsing. Considering Mootoo’s narrative form explained Mala not as an individual but as a relation to nature, part of idea of Mala collapsed once time collapsed. This connection furthers the idea that Mootoo’s unique narrative form connecting Mala with death can further the literary strategy of the idea that death feeds

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