Cert 3 Childcare Services- Module 1 Organisational Requirements

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Module 1 Organisational Requirements- Questions
1. Identify and discuss the key requirements of the service/centre policies and legislations that relate to the performance of your work role and where/how to access same.
The key requirements of “Wakefield Early Learning Centre” policies are to provide a safe and healthy environment for our children, and to support them through their learning processes. As “Wakefield” is an early learning centre as well as a day care, helping them to learn basic early life lessons is needed.
In order to meet these key requirements there are certain things staff should know or be in the process of learning. A few of my personal requirements include: * Creating an environment where children are
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6. What is ethical behaviour? Describe an ethical dilemma you may face in the role of a child care assistant. What would your thoughts and actions be in this dilemma?

Ethical behaviour is behaving appropriate and respecting the dignity, diversity and rights of individuals. Caring for children can be complex is some professional situations, as you can find yourself trying to meet the specific needs of a parent that do not agree with the child.

Ethical dilemma:
Jane has a one year old named Melissa. Melissa has a strict organic diet. Jane brings food from home for Melissa and the food is prepared by the cook before lunch time. This is routine that has occurred for about two weeks. Melissa has no allergies, but her mother is very particular about Melissa’s diet. On a particularly busy day, Chelsea the room leader has requested the babies to be placed in their high chairs to get ready for lunch. Chelsea forgets to inform the new staff member Jess, of Melissa’s organic diet and Melissa consumes a serving of the others babies regular food.

As Chelsea is the room leader she will have to speak to Melissa’s mother and inform her of the day’s events. Behaving ethically would be to tell the whole truth about what happened, making sure Melissa’s mother was completely aware of what Melissa ate. Although it was an accident and although Chelsea can ensure it won’t happen again, Jane would need to know everything.
7. What procedure would be followed if a parent wished to
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