Certainty In Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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In 1859, when Charles Darwin penned his book, On the Origin of Species, he started a controversy lasting several centuries. Initially considered absurd, the idea of life originating without divine intervention slowly gained acceptance in the scientific world. But though scientists largely chose to ignore them, facts supporting creation continued to emerge. And as the theory of evolution grew, so did its problems. Inherently, people can not validate theories about history with one-hundred percent certainty, and they will always speculate on the origins of Earth and the life on it. Although no one will ever prove or disprove creation or evolution, vast amounts of data from fields as varied as geology and biology seem to point toward an intelligent creator. …show more content…

Scientists have seen strata like those found in the Earth’s crust form both slowly through natural processes and rapidly through catastrophes like volcanoes and floods (Wile 194-198). Since both ways comply with the data, the formation of the geological column has no bearing on the timeline of earth’s creation. Moreover, evolution cannot explain Darwin’s most serious geological enigma, the absence of fossils of intermediate species. Fossils resembling evolutionary jumps like the alleged bird-dinosaur, Archeopteryx, occur rarely in the fossil record, and they often appear after the animals they supposedly evolved into (Wieland). Also lending support to creation, fossil graveyards contain fossils of animals from around the world all concentrated in one place, which indicates an enormous disaster like Noah’s flood (Wile 200). Various aspects of geology seem to point toward a relatively short timeline of earth’s history, and of the catastrophes that shaped

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