Certification Preparation For The State Of South Carolina

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Certification Preparation HSS290-1601A-02 Phase One: IP Colorado Technical University Professor: Timothy Tapp January 6, 2016 MaryAnn Smith 1 The forms that must be reviewed with a new patient in the state of South Carolina Are: A) Authorization Form B) Patient Consent Form C) Notice of Privacy Practices Form D) HIPAA Acknowledgement Form E) Financial Policy Form F) No show/Late Cancellation Policy Form Authorization Form: An Authorization form must be written out in plain language so that the patient can understand what is expected of them. A signed Authorization Form must be provided to the patient after they have signed it, for their own personal use. If a patient signs the agreement, they are giving permission to the healthcare providers to use and disclose their health information. What each patient needs to understand is, if they refuse to sign, it can prevent them from receiving the correct treatment that they are in need of. The Authorization Form does not have an expiration date unless the medical facility enters one. (Privacy rules and research 2014). The HIPAA privacy regulations do not require you to obtain patient’s consent to use their PHI for routine disclosures, such as those related to treatment, payment and healthcare operations. However, they do mandate that there is written patient consent before releasing their information for any reason other than (TPO) which is a disclosure of any phychotherapy notes. A signed copy or
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