Certified Medical Assistant Dissemination Plan

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Dissemination Plan The staff will be will be notified of the new pilot project to hire and only have Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant administer medication, this program will begin April 1, 2016. The current MEDT Techs that are not Certified Nursing Assistance or Medical Assistance will have 1 year to obtain their certification for either field. The purpose of the program is to ensure adequate learning skills and to have someone with foundational knowledge of skills such as vital signs, basic knowledge of recognizing medical concerns and being able to make notification to the appropriate person and then completing the directed tasks. The purpose of this objective is to utilize this new research or evidence based information…show more content…
The project will be presented in detail and the importance of the need for a change in our current practice. The future objective will be providing this information to the South Carolina Labor and Licensing Board for review and possible inception. The power point presentation would provide information about medication errors, the on-going issues, the failure to keep medication administration safe and the purpose to standardize appropriate practices that will be made aware to all non-licensed facilities under the Lutheran Homes of South Carolina umbrella. The MED Tech training will be made available to current med techs and new hires that are Certified Nursing Assistants or Medical assistants with at least a year of patient care skills on our Health Care Academy websites where the staff has unlimited access. This will health, promote the knowledge, understanding and importance of medication administration in the correct manner while maintain safety for all…show more content…
The ideal situation is to introduce the team to program and have someone in from a practicing group someone on the staff’s level of understanding that can share their thought about the program that has already been practiced at a like facility, the group who is practicing will be able to explain the program and can explain on their staff’s level of understating (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2005). Individual barriers can vary based on the audience, some staff members may be less than forth coming do to their skill sets, their lack of confidence and their complaints of doing more for less pay. It can be a challenge yet having them be a part of the decision making will validate their concerns and verify where we should begin (Thompson, Bell & Prevost, 1999). Just keep the EBP positive and be willing to share the results (Melnyk and Fineout-Overholt,
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