Certified Nursing Assistants

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Throughout the U.S history the use of Certified Nursing Assistants has helped the system to solve many of our worldwide patients needs. Certified Nursing Assistants are used all over the world for people who are, or who may not, have the support system they may need to take care of their selves. Many Certified Nurses are also qualified to work inside of hospitals, adult care centers, nursing homes, and many more. Certified Nursing Assistants are becoming more reliable for elderly people because of the support system they have from the government. Certified nursing assistants are health care professional’s who are there for those who are sick or are unable to care for their self’s. CNAs are also known as orderlies, home health aids, patient care technicians, and many more. The job description that they are entitled to as a nursing assistant varies depending on the health setting that you are in. Many also have to work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. With out the help of Certified Nursing Assistants the need for bathing, feeding, and dressing for many elderly patients could not be maintained.
To become a Certified Nursing Assistant you must complete high school or have a GED, afterwards you will have to attend a 6-to-12 week CNA training program. If you can’t afford the fee of the training program, you can seek for financial aid (scholarship or grants). The CNA programs are generally in a classroom which include the following, Basic nursing skills, anatomy and
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