Cervical Screening Is Important For Women Essay

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Title: Cervical screening programme in New Zealand.
Cervical screening is important for women because it is the best protection against developing the cervical cancer. It is the most avertable of all cancers. Surveys revealed that about 90% cases of the most common forms of cervical cancer could be prevented if women had smear tests every 3 years.

This health promotion programme promotes cervical screening and helps to increase awareness of the National screening programme to women. The focus of health promotion is also on reducing inequalities. The objectives of this health promotion programme includes 1) To encourage informed participation in the National cervical screening programme by providing accurate and appropriate information about the screening programme in order to encourage informed uptake. 2) To improve, promote and defend the health of women in New Zealand.

Priority groups for cervical screening:
• Women over 40
• Māori women
• Pacific women
• Asian women
• Unscreened women
• Under-screened women.

Risk factors prominent to cervical cancer:
Women with many sexual partners: Having multiple sexual partners is an important reason for cervical cancer. This journal articles (Peters et al., 1986) talks about multiple sexual partners being one of the main reasons for having invasive squamous cell carcinoma which is a type of cervical cancer. For those women who are under 20 and have multiple sexual partners, chances of having cervical cancer

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