Cesar Chavez A Hero

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Cesar Chavez is a hero because he gave farm workers who were not educated enough to get better working conditions. His life reflected his personality and his everlasting legacy proves unforgettable.
Cesar Chavez’s biography shows a lot about the way he was raised and how that taught him his ways and shaped his personality. Cesar was born on March 31, 1927 (Gonzales 22) and was subjected early to intense destitution because his family was one of many migrant, Mexican-American, families (Pao) that rely on the money even if the conditions were terrible for any human. His experience of the farm worker’s life was what drove him to help other workers. “Cesar and his father trudged twelve miles to Yuma looking for a bank loan. They came back covered with dust and empty-handed.”(Terzian 7) He had early experiences with upwards battles and it taught him how to manage them. Another time was captured by James Terzian when he wrote about Chavez’s dad taking care of his fellow workers. “These people are poor, ignorant peasants - campesinos! They’ll sleep anywhere, eat anything take any wage you pay. Why waste your time and money on them, eh?” said the neighbor. Cesar’s dad responds, “They are children of God. They will get shelter and soap for as long as they work on my farm.” (5). He was raised to respect workers and understand that they are people too. Cesar Chavez started the United Farm Workers on Oct 15, 1966 (Holmes). Cease new that the farm workers were living hard lives and

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