Cesar Chavez And Delano Grape Strike

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The beginning stages of the UFW began in Delano, California where worksite conditions for farmworkers were deplorable, water and restroom facilities were not made readily available on a day-by-day basis at the worksite, and substandard housing offered to the farmworker made living conditions almost unlivable. Most if not all of the farmworkers were involved in unjust treatment while at work and at the labor camps where they lived. For example, workers in Delano were ordered to drink from the same cup while at another ranch, the ranch boss forced workers to pay twenty five cents per cup. Additionally, child labor arose as a problem for many as the issue worsened. Bosses at ranches and fields placed children into the same conditions as adults.…show more content…
Cesar Chavez had a view that all races work together for one goal, he had the strikers of Delano take a “solemn vow of nonviolence” (Cesar Chavez Foundation,, ‘Against All Odds’: Cesar Chavez & the Delano Grape Strike). Chavez followed the examples set forth by M.K. Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by using the nonviolence strategy. However for the first time in American History, Chavez used an untested method when he boycotted using California table grapes. The outcome surfaced an exceptional result of major support from outside the Central Valley. The UFW received support from other unions, church activists, and students and civil rights groups. The step was initiated when Cesar Chavez led a 300-mile march that started in Delano and ended at the State Capital of Sacramento. The union garnered National attention across the country and it gave birth and served as the UFW’s stand against unjust treatment against minority
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