Cesar Chavez Essay

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Throughout time there have been many people who have wanted to enact change or make a difference. Cesar Chavez helped migrant farmers with their unsafe work conditions and their lack workers rights. Mother Jones marched for children’s rights and to create child labor laws. Van Jones is fighting for human rights currently. These people all did amazing things and all fought for a singular purpose.Cesar Chavez, Mother Jones, and Van Jones all helped fight to enact change, by making people notice their cause and by having the perseverance to keep fighting for others to have better lives. Cesar Chavez fought for other migrant farmers because he had experienced what they were experiencing and thought he should make a difference when Chavez…show more content…
This shows Mother Jones immense kindness by helping children without cause, just because she loved children. Mother Jones loved children and when she went to see the mill children she saw that “Their bodies were bone-thin, with hollow chests. Their shoulders were rounded from long hours spent hunched over the workbenches”(Josephson). This shows the horrible conditions the mill children had to endure before Mother Jones’s March of the Mill Children. After the march had failed due to the president being unwilling to the mill children Josephson noted: “Though she had not met with the president, Mother Jones had drawn the attention of the nation to the problem of child labor”(Josephson). This proves that even though Mother Jones march was not successful it had grabbed the attention of the public and made the public realize the problems the mill children were facing. Mother Jones was able to get the attention of the public by marching with the mill children to the president, although they were not able to meet with the president her efforts were not in vain and it started the long journey to child labor laws just because of her kind nature. Van Jones is still currently fighting for human rights, Van Jones has taken a different approach than most and has founded many enterprises to get
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