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Cesar Chavez Since before the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, race relations between the United States and Mexico have been less than great. The United States has a history of prejudice and racism. On a national level this sentiment has formed some legislation, and on a lower level it has formed the way many people conduct their lives. Mexican have been exploited for their work for decades. One man fought long and hard for his people and their civil liberties. That man was Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma, Arizona to a middle-class family. Cesar’s family owned there land and also ran a business. When the depression hit in the1930's, the young Cesar Chavez and his family left to find work in California as farm…show more content…
He found that the locals were upset because the braceros were taking their jobs. The bracero program began in Congress in 1942. It’s purpose was to import seasonal contract laborers in times of labor shortages in the states. Apparently, the farmers would falsely claim labor shortages in order to import braceros. The wages that farmers paid the braceros was a lot lower than that they would have to pay the local workers. The farmers were also able to make their money back from the braceros by charging them excess for room and board. Cesar combated against the farmers by organizing boycotts, sit-downs and protests. All of Cesar’s accomplishments got him the state executive directorship for the CSO. He served this position for two years. In 1962, Chavez proposed that the CSO support a union movement for farm workers. The movement was brought to a vote a vote and rejected. During his time at the CSO, he had met Dolores Huerta, a woman who shared his passion for obtaining farm worker’s civil rights. His plan was to fight for the rights of the migrant and resident farm workers in California. To achieve this goal, Chavez set out to form a “viable union” among the thousands of disenfranchised farm workers. Chavez encountered many obstacles after the formation of his union and at the beginning of their strike. Aside from the fact that many of the workers were hesitant to join Chavez and go against

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