Cesara Lombroso's Theories Of Crime

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Although crime was at a high rate, Lombroso proposed a theory of what could be done to prevent crime. When there are felons who return to the world of incarceration, Lombroso believed they should have harsher punishment. Some criminals are entrapped into the life of wrongful acts; but Lombroso believed they should have a chance to prove themselves.

Cesara Lombroso, also known as the as the “father of criminology”, circulated what his philosophy for a bodily unlawful action category that took place in 1876. Upon the results of the “autopsies” Lombroso conducted, his results brought about how biological positivists would prevent crime. Lombroso is known for his “concept of the atavistic criminal”. In addition, Lombroso produced an assessment that distinctive felons consists of around “75 percent” of all the wrongful doers for said criminal acts (Bohm & Vogel, 2011). As stated by Bohm & Vogel (2011), “Critics argue that even if a criminal type exists—something about which many critics are dubious—they represent only a small percentage of all offenders and have received attention far out of proportion of their legitimate importance (p. 36-37). As Lombroso got older, he was able to label his philosophies for the explanation of the real-world presentations. It should be, as Lombroso indicated, that the primary determination of any place to find everything out about offenders in their area. Lombroso felt that the public should not take into consideration situations that explanatory issues, but to do everything possible to prevent crime. If someone needs to receive punishment, it should be directed under the impulse of a criminal. Due to the fact
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Lombroso’s had many theories that he felt like would aid to keep crime from taking place. Although there were some nations felt these theories were not acceptable, there were some who would accept the concepts. Of course, these nations already tried to keep alcohol
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