Cesare Buccaria Suggested That People Choose Criminal Behavior

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Cesare Buccaria suggested that people choose criminal behavior on purpose to bring pleasure but that these actions can be controlled with fear of punishment. He believed that the punishment should match the crime and that harsh punishment, such as torture, was excessive (Siegel 103). Aside from punishment, there are other factors that control behavior, in my opinion, including family, peers, and morals.

I think family is a factor of controlling behavior because in many cultures an individual has the power to disgrace their entire accessory. Although this might not be as prevalent in American culture, I keep away from stupid people that indulge in criminal behavior for the sake of not having myself or my family associated with such
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Finally, I believe morals strongly control ones ' behaviors. Morals differentiate between good and bad. Though, in some faith based morals, breaking this code of right and wrong can sometimes end in punishment that is not always the case. The majority of the times, our conscience, the little voice in our head or felling in our stomach telling us to refrain from certain activity, is what keeps us from participating in criminal behavior. People that don’t pay attention to their conscience or just don 't have one in general, usually find themselves in sticky situations faster than their peers. In some situations, our morals and conscience or overridden due to social strain that leads to criminal behavior. The social strain theory predicts such things as not having enough money for luxuries or simply just living in poverty can lead people to crime (Siegel 204). Although sometime it can be ignored, our morals and conscience play a vast role in control one 's behavior, along with family, peers, and the fear of punishment.

If I had the power to change criminal law, I would probably take advantage of the opportunity. First, I would make smoking while pregnant illegal. Exposing a fetus, a humans ' most fragile state, to the harmful chemicals and poisons in cigarettes should be considered abuse. Next, I would make burning the American flag a felony offense. The act is currently protected by the freedom of speech but at
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