Cesare Lombroso 's Death Of Scientific Criminology

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Cesare Lombroso was a psychiatrist and prison doctor at an asylum for the criminally insane in Italy in 1871. This man made one of the earliest theories in criminology after discovering an unusual indentation at the base of a man’s brain named Giuseppe Villella whilst doing a routine autopsy( Lombroso, Horton, Rich, 2004). Dr Cesare Lombroso who is sometimes called the father of scientific criminology, became convinced that you could tell a criminal due to their facial features. He stated that criminals had bigger noses and low sloping foreheads. He argued that criminals were a regression from a previous evolutionary state. known as atavism, and that criminals were born not made. He also claimed that different types of crime were committed by different types of criminals and that they could be distinguished by physical difference. However spotting potential criminals was unfortunately not as simple as that. Yet despite this theory, this was the beginning of trying to find out if criminals are biologically different to non- criminals.(Lombroso, Horton,Rich,2004).
Many psychologists have done many hours of research on criminal behaviour, of hoping to discover an explanation about why a person commits a crime. The debate as been on whether criminals are born this way (nature) or is it blamed on (nurture) the way a person is brought up. To say that criminals are biologically different to non- criminals would be an insubstantial way to process the situation, since genes mostly

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