Cesna Skyhawk Advantages And Disadvantages

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Any pilot or airplane lover has heard the name Cessna Skyhawk because they are a very desired airplane. The man who built these spectacular airplanes was a man named Clyde Cessna and his first one was built in 1911. He did not just build them for fun but also for those involved in World War II. The amount of airplanes being sold dropped dramatically and eventually hit rock bottom with selling 928 planes total. Clyde Cessna had to make some dramatic changes around the office and ended up laying off 75% of the employees located at the piston-engine factory. Once the economy started to pick up again Cessna decided that he wanted to start making Skyhawks again so he began his new journey. Some pros to the team approach are better quality of the…show more content…
It is hard to choose people from just speaking with them in an interview so putting their skills to test and seeing how they interact with current employees would be a good test. For those that get hired, I think it will be important to hold team meetings every few weeks or so to see how everyone is doing. It will also be important to check in and see if anyone has any ideas for improvements that can be made to help each other out or speed up the process of building planes. The most important thing to look for when hiring is just how they interact with others. We will all be working as a team on these planes and if they cannot get along with everyone there are going to be problems. Those problems could cost the company money and time so in order to avoid that interactive skills are important. When recruiting people to come work for me I am not looking at their gender, race, or anything else but how qualified they are for the job (Williams, 2017, p. 227). If they have the credentials and are willing to work hard everyday then they are hired. I believe that having a diverse team creates for a lot of ideas and opportunity. Everyone can bring something new and different to the table which is how new ideas and improvements get

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