Cestode Research Paper

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Cestodes which are being tested are examined and identified using a microscope. The eggs of Moniezia benedeni are square while M. expansa is rather triangle and the oncospheres of the two species are borne strangely shaped pyriform apparatus (Olsen, 1962), which is also described by Urquhart et al. (1985) as well-defined. Stilesia spp. is round shaped (Kaufmann, 1996) have no pyriform apparatus. Avitellina sp. is oval (Kaufmann, 1996) and pyriform apparatus absent (Soulsby, 1982). In comparison to the prevalence of nematodes and trematodes, studies show that presence of cestodes in small animals is not as prevalent as the former and most infection are mixed with the existence of one or more species of helminths (Lone, Chishti, Ahmad & Tak, 2012; Maichomo, Kagira & Walker, 2004). Kids have stunted growth due to the presence of tapeworms which these parasites compete with their nourishment (Smith, 2004). Adult cestodes are nonpathogenic (Bowman et al., 2003). However, when the length of the tapeworm extends, it tends to coil and therefore causes…show more content…
Some of the ways to attain an uncontaminated pasture is through plowing of the soil (Gorski et al., 2004), reseeding of the land, utilizing the area which has been at rest for a year (Soulsby, 1982), leaving it at rest in a suitable time, or allow other animals, which are not definitive host to the parasite, to graze in the area (Gorski et al, 2004). Likewise, animals should not be allowed to grazed on wet grasses, pasture land should be controlled and animals’ natural immunity should be utilized to decrease the risk of susceptibility. Habitual prevention and control in animals and their grazing land is desired in the extermination of parasites. Using drugs to control parasites do not have long-term effects; hence they should be given routinely to have a distinct decline in egg count (Alam,
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