Cezanne, Lowry and Landscapes Essay

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Cezanne, Lowry and Landscapes


Paul Cezanne, who was the son of a wealthy banker, became a painter in the 1860s in Paris when he quit his studies of Law. By 1874 he was painting landscapes in the Impressionist manner and had some of his work included in their first exhibition held during that very same year. He painted in the Impressionistic manner, but sheared off in a different direction to the main body of Impressionist painters. The main body of Impressionist painters were concerned with the 'fleeting effects of light and colour', and in order to capture the surface impression of that moment 'they had to work fluently and quickly'. 's analysis was far more prolonged and pains-taking; He spent so long
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But as they dissolve into tonal marks we are still conscious of the reality of the scene, the way the road twists out of sight past the rocks into a cool tree-filled valley. His way of working is so explicit; as we look at the surface of the picture we are aware of his every brushmark, and we can imagine his subtle colour mixing and careful balancing of colour and tone. He used colour not to fill in outlines, but, as a true colourist used it to create forms. He believed that colour and line were inseparable and interwove them, applying one over the other in his work. His angled brush strokes set up a nervous sense of agitation in his late works like "Route
Tournante". This may be a combination of his irascible temperament with an ageing painter's awareness of the need to realise his objectives while he still had time.

was a great painter of the immediate landscape of Provence around his home, often painting the view seen from his studio. The quality of this landscape - the light, the colour of the earth, the roll of the hills affects the way the artist reacts to it. Many artists who work from landscape begin to identify with feelings that the physical area arouses. One can argue that we are all affected by the physical nature of the area where we live. In this sense was similar to many other landscape artists, many of who have come you be associated with the place Lowry with

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