Cfi Oral Plan of Action

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CFI-I Oral Plan of Action
Discussion of the elements related to Basic fundamentals of Fundamentals of Instruction, Technical Subject Areas, Preflight Planning.

Fundamentals of Instruction
Certificates and Documents Airworthiness Requirements
Weather Information
IFR Cross-Country Flight Planning
National Airspace
Technical Subject Areas
Regulations and Publications
Operations of Systems
Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, and Navigational equipment
Instrument Cockpit Check
Air Traffic Control Clearances
Lost Communications

Schedule: FOI 0:15 Review 0:45 Technical subject areas 1:00

Dry erase board, markers, Pilot Operating Handbook (POH),
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* IFR Cross-Country Flight Planning * Regulatory requirements for instrument flight within various types of airspace. * Computation of estimated time en route and total fuel requirement for an IFR cross-country flight. * Selection and correct interpretation of the current and applicable en route charts, RNAV, DPs, STARs, and standard instrument approach procedure charts (IAP). * Procurement and interpretation of the applicable NOTAM information. * Completes and files an IFR flight plan that accurately reflects the conditions of the proposed flight. (Does not have to be filed with ATC.) * Demonstrates adequate knowledge of GPS and RAIM capability, when aircraft is so equipped. * National Airspace System

Technical Subject Areas * Regulations and Publications Related to IFR Operations * 14 CFR parts 61, 71, 91, 95, and 97. * FAA-H-8083-15, Instrument Flying Handbook. * Aeronautical Information Manual. * Practical Test Standards. * Airport Facility Directory. * Standard Instrument Departures/Terminal Arrivals. * En Route Charts. * Standard Instrument Approach Procedure Charts. * Operations of Systems * Primary flight controls and trim * Flaps, leading edge devices, and spoilers * Powerplant and propeller * Landing gear * Fuel, oil, and hydraulic * Electrical * Avionics * Pitot static,
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