Ch-11 Case Study

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EMS (Injury/ First Aid): ACES # 2016-508 (1822-1828) R-10 and CH-2 responded to the Main Gate for a female child who stabbed herself with an Epi pen. R-10 and Ch-2 arrived on scene, CH-2 established command and R-10 began assessing the patient. H-17 arrived on scene and took over patient care. Patient was not transported to the ER. CH-2 terminated the emergency without further incident. GROUND (Smoke in the Cockpit): ACES# 2016-509 (2319-2339) CH-2, R-10, C-7, C-6, and E-13 responded to Hot Cargo 3 for a report of smoke in the cockpit on a C-130. The initial call came in via Primary Crash Phone. Ch-2 arrived on scene and established command. All additional units arrived on scene and began investigation. Upon investigation, units discovered
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